We have reopened to give one to one respite to children and adults with additional needs.
We are accepting direct payments from people that already receive them.
We are able to offer 1-5 hour blocks and can take a sibling from the same family on the same session.
The charge is £15 per hour for people paying themselves.

We have thrown this lifeline at this very difficult time for families of people with additional needs whos routines have been lost.

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Welcome to
the Sensory Shack

We have a passion for fostering children and have found through our own experiences that traumatised children and children with special needs need a place of their own.

People of all ages with special needs or brain trauma need a secure safe base that they can feel relaxed and heal.

The Sensory Shack is our dream and our vision.

About Us

The Sensory Shack is a family focused community interest company providing a safe, secure non judgemental space to enable relaxation and sensory activity for adults and children with special needs and disability’s.


Our rooms are available to rent for local groups, to individuals and to therapists and counsellors. We have a maximum of 16 people and rooms can be booked privately for individual work.


We are open 9am- 9pm and have fully experienced support workers on hand for any assistance needed. If you have any further questions or require more information please contact us.

Parents and carers need a place to connect with these vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community.

Connecting parents and carers with individuals who have suffered developmental trauma, or who have PTSD, ADHD, OCD or autism and other special needs is our primary aim.

We want to have a space where people can bond with their caregivers through play, light, music and all other sensory experiences.

Play bonds and creates trust.

Children and adults who have difficulty communicating can open up and express themselves more through play and in a relaxed environment.

Our rooms will be available to rent for local groups, to individuals and to therapists and councillors.

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