Sensory Rooms

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Parents and carers need a place to connect with these vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community.

We have created an environment where people can bond with their caregivers through play, light, music and all other sensory experiences.

Connecting and calming the users is essential to open up the user to moving forwards, to find wellness and calming the brain stem in order to enable further beneficial therapeutic activity.

We are open 9am- 9pm and have fully experienced support workers on hand for any assistance needed.

Light Room

 This room offers a relaxing and tranquil experience to the service user, helping to calm the brain and connect them with other senses.

Music Room

Incorporating light, smell and sound for a calming and relaxing place to hold group or individual sessions between carers, service user or groups.

Activity Room

The activity room will use space, balance, swinging, rocking, pulling playing and activities which calm the brain stem.

Pricing and Availability

Our rooms will be available to rent for local groups, to individuals and to therapists and councillors.

We will have a maximum of 16 people booked in and rooms can be booked privately for individual work.

We will offer space for training sessions for local people and have open days and wellbeing classes for children and adults.

We will have a small café area in the main activity room for light refreshments and social interaction.

Weekdays 9am – 10.30am and 11am – 12.30pm pre booked open sessions up to 16 children with full use of the 3 rooms.

£5 per child.

Light & Music room


Light room 1hr session £15 room hire (max 3 users).

Music room 1hr session £15 (max 5 users).

Activity Room


1hr session £15 room hire (max 4 users).