About Us

What do we do?

The Sensory Shack enables carers and users to connect and bond, have fun and build trust through activities such as Rhythm sessions, play and movement sessions and Sensory room sessions.

The Sensory Shack is a much needed, vital asset to the vulnerable and traumatised members of out community.

Connecting and calming the users is essential to open up the user to moving forwards, to find wellness and calming the brain stem in order to enable further beneficial therapeutic activity.

We are open 9am- 9pm and have fully experienced support workers on hand for any assistance needed.

Who is it for?

The Sensory shack has sessions for all ages from birth to elderly. From dementia, ptsd, trauma, depression, anxiety, autism, special needs and sensory processing disorders.

Parent / Carer Policy

All our sessions require the users parent or carer to be present at all times in The Sensory Shack.


All bookings must be made via the website and payments are taken on arrival.

Amending a Booking

If you can no longer make a booking please let us know as soon as possible. We ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice.

The Face Behind The Shack

Sinead Holden

sensory shack 2

Our Mission

I cannot express just how essential The Sensory Shack is for our community.

With our mental health services and our social services under tremendous pressure many children and teenagers and adults are being left to wait for any kind of intervention as resources are limited.

Left until breaking point this puts even more pressure on services.

Leaving traumatised individuals both children and adults leads to anti-social behaviour, self-harm, substance abuse, lack of education, knife crime, violence and criminal activity.

They suffer further mental health issues, social exclusion and isolation.

With 40% of children in care ending up homeless or in prison we need to act to stop this deadly cycle.

We will give back to the local community to support training, therapy, healthy relationships and learning.

We will provide a base at The Sensory Shack to create balance and safety for our service users.

We will keep pricing low and give free sessions for the most in need.

We what to protect family units and reconnect carers.

We will empower people and give them the tools to help their loved ones.

From 0-100 from ADHD to dementia we will be open to all in need.

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